ShopDiscover Review: Online Shopping Rewards Program for Discover Credit Cardmembers

ShopDiscover is an online shopping rewards program offered for Discover Credit Cardmembers.

One way to save money while shopping on the internet is to earn cashback rebates. These days there are so many online shopping portals offering cashback for online stores. The popular cashback shopping portals include Mr. Rebates, Ebates, Fatwallet, Shop Discover and so on. But the Shop Discover program is a special program. Why is it special, you may ask. The ShopDiscover cashback program is only available for people who have Discover credit cards. Even though it is a free program, you cannot use it if you are not a Discover credit card owner. Once you get a Discover card, you will be automatically enrolled in this program. No additional registration is required. You can use your Discover credit card account login to access your account at, the website for Shop Discover program.

How many online retailers are available at the ShopDiscover site?
The quick answer is “not many”. Maybe I should not say “not many”, because there are more than 150 merchants partnered with ShopDiscover. But this number of stores is relatively small comparing to thousands of online retailers at Mr. Rebates or Ebates. But fortunately most major retailers can be found in the program such as Sears, Dell, Groupon, Kohl’s and so on. To see the full ShopDiscover retailers list, visit and click on the button “See All Retailers”. On the list, all participating stores are displayed alphabetically. When viewing the Shop Discover merchants list, make sure that you select the correct rewards type. In general, there are two types of rewards: cashback and miles. On the list for cashback bonus cardmembers, you can the store names and the cashback percentage offered. The featured stores are shown on the top of the page. For instance, at this time, they are offering 10% cashback for and 20% cashback for

How to earn cashback bonus from online purchase at ShopDiscover?
1. Visit;
2. Login to your account using your User ID and password;
3. Choose the retailer that you will shop for from the dropdown list;
4. After signing in and selecting the retailer, you will be led to the retailer’s web site;
5. Do your shopping and pay the bill using your Discover credit card;
6. If your order is eligible for earning cashback bonus, your bonus will be directly reflected into your account.
7. The cashback will be accumulated in your Discover card account. You can request it as cash, account credit, gift cards, merchandises or charity donation when you need it.

Pros of the Shop Discover cashback program
1. They provide best cashback offers for many online retailers. For instance, ShopDiscover offers 10% cashback for purchase made at, but Mr. Rebates and Ebates only offer 5% and 4%.
2. When redeeming your cashback as gift cards, you can earn even more. For example, if you have $20 cashback in your account, you can request a $25 Staples gift card.

Cons of the ShopDiscover cash back shopping program
1. Usually the cashback offers at ShopDiscover cannot be combined with other savings offers or coupon discounts. If you apply a coupon code or promo code on your order, your order may not be eligible for getting cashback bonus.
2. Many popular online stores are not covered by ShopDiscover such as, a store selling computer hardware and software.
To learn more information about the Shop Discover online shopping program, visit

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