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Www.Mrrebates.com is an online shopping rewards program where consumers can earn cash back rebates from their online purchase. If you shop online and want to save some money on your online expenses, you may like MrRebates.com.

Www.mrrebates.com Review:

1. It is a FREE online shopping loyalty program.
2. New members can get FREE $5 registration bonus.
3. They offer cash back rebate for thousands of online stores.
4. Their cash back rates are very competitive. Many of them are top cash back rates available online.
5. They use Paypal and Check to make payments.

1. Not all the orders are eligible for cash back. You have to check their terms for details.
2. They have a $10 cash out threshold. If you don’t shop online frequently, you may need to wait for a while to get enough cashback to cash out.

How does MrRebates.com work?

The idea is simple. Basically, when you shop at an online store through Mr. Rebates, the store will give a certain percentage of your purchase amount to Mr. Rebates as an affiliate fee and in turn Mr. Rebates will share part of the affiliate fee with you as cash back rewards. So it is a win-win situation for both you and MrRebates. Let me give you an example. MrRebates is an affiliate of Store X. Store X gives 10% sale as affiliate rewards to MrRebates and MrRebates offers 5% cash back for Store X purchase. When you go to Store X using the link on MrRebates.com and spend $100 in Store X, Store X will give $10 to MrRebates and MrRebates will give $5 as cash back to you. So in the end, you will only spend $95 on your $100 Store X order since you have earned $5 cash back rebate from your purchase at MrRebates.com.

How to earn cashback rebates on www.MrRebates.com?

1. You need to register an account on MrRebates.com. It is a free rewards program. You can join it for absolutely free and you don’t need to pay any money at all. You don’t need to provide any of your credit card information at all either. What makes it even sweeter is that they offer a $5 sign up bonus for new members!

2. When you need to do some shopping online, you should visit MrRebates.com first and login to your MrRebates account. Then find the link of the store when you want to shop on the Mr. Rebates web site. This process is very easy. You can search by the store name or find it in the corresponding categories. When viewing the store link, you will also be informed about the percentage cash back rebate offered for the store and whether there are any available coupon codes, free shipping codes or promotions for this store. Use the store link on the Mr. Rebates site to go to the store and do you shopping as usual. After clicking on the link, you will see a small pop up window which shows your click tracking ticket. In the window, you will see your account name, store name, % cash back offered and other information related to your click. You click history can also be checked in your account.

3. If you make a qualified purchase in the store, your cash back rebate will be posted into your Mr. Rebates account after several days (up to 30 days).

4. You accumulate your cash back in your account. Once it reaches $10 (the minimum payout threshold), you can request your payment. They provide both check and paypal as payment methods. You can choose the one that is convenient to you.

5. MrRebates.com also has a generous referral program. So you can earn additional cash back when you refer your friends to shop through MrRebates. The way it works is that when your referrals make purchases and earn cash back rebates, you will earn 20% of their cashback earnings. And your referral money is from MrRebates’ pocket and not from your referrals’. So your referrals have nothing to lose and you don’t need to feel guilty about recommending this online shopping rewards program to them.

Is Mr. Rebates a scam?

My answer is “No”. There are two reasons.

1. Www.Mrrebates.com is a BBB accredited business and its BBB rating is A+. If you like, you can read MrRebates.com complaints and reviews on the BBB web site.

2. I don’t think that MrRebates.com is a scam, because I have been paid by them for many times without any problem at all. When I just joined the program, I request my payments in check. Later I switched to Paypal since it is more convenient and I don’t need to go to bank to deposit the cash back check anymore.

So if you want to save money shopping online, you should check out MrRebates.com.
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