Www.LandEnd.com Coupons: Free Shipping Coupon Codes

Www.LandEnd.com Coupons: Free Shipping
Here are two Landend coupons which can get rid of your shipping fee (4-7 business day delivery) for your online order or phone order calling 1-800-800-5800. There is no minimum order requirement for these Landend free shipping codes. The coupon codes are listed as follow:

Free Shipping Coupon Codes for www.landend.com:
Promotion code: STILLSUMMER
Pin: 1910

Promotion Code: KIDSTYLE
Pin: 3219

These coupons are time-limited offer. They expire on July 20, 2010. Each of them can only be used twice. Other terms and conditions apply, and see the web site  for details.

If you need to buy some apparel, these Landend.com codes will save you some money on shipping. If you want to buy some clothes, you can take advantage of this saving offer to save money on shipping for your landend orders.

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