www.dealspl.us Review – Online Shopping Social Community for Bargain Hunters

Check online shopping deals and find printable coupons or coupon codes for your favorite stores at http://www.dealspl.us.

Www.dealspl.us is an online specialty social community where people can share information about shopping deals and savings coupons. If you enjoy bargain hunting online or in-store, you may like this site.

The Dealsplus website was launched in 2006. Since then, it has been growing steadily. Today this web site serves more than 4 million internet users monthly, and most of its users are from the United States of America. Right now, the Google page rank of Dealspl.us is 5 out of 10 and its Alexa traffic rank is 3809 and 729 respectively for global and US. Because Dealsplus is a famous online social shopping community, you may have heard of it before. But when visiting this site, make sure that you are using the correct URL: www.dealspl.us instead of www.dealsplus.com.

What information can you find at the dealsplus site?

Basically, there are 3 major sections on this site: Deals, Coupons and Ask&Share.

In the deals section, the site lists all shopping deals submitted by users with the image, product name, store name, price and submission time. And you can also learn how hot the deal is by looking at the number of pluses that the deal had received. All the deals found on this website are submitted by its users and users can also vote for deals submitted by other users. If they find a great deal they like, they can vote for it by adding a plus on it. The more plusses the deal gets, the hotter the deal is. The deal site provides many ways to sort the listed deals, which makes it very easy to find the deal that you are looking for. For instance, you can sort the deals by time, by hotness or by product category. If you are shopping for laptops and you want to see computer related bargains, you just click on the link “Computers” and then on the next screen, only computer deals will be shown.

In the coupon section, you can find online coupon codes and printable coupons provided by internet users. There are several ways to browse this site. You can look for coupons for different retail stores or under different categories such as clothing, computers, electronics, games and so on. For instance, JCPenney coupons and Kohl coupon are popular store coupons. On the main page at http://dealspl.us/coupons, they list some many featured coupons. Of course, you can choose to see the recently shared coupons.

In the “Ask&Share” section, you can participate in discussions on shopping related topics. You can ask new questions or answer questions asked by other users.

To see the deals, coupons and discussions, you don’t need to register an account. But if you want to submit a deal or a coupon or participate in the activities at the “Ask&Share” section, you do need to sign up an account. It is a free online community and you can sign up for an account for free.

What makes the Dealsplus online shopping community unique?

At www.dealspl.us, there is a money making program. What does that mean? It means that you can get paid for your activities at this online shopping social community. In general, there are two ways make money on the Dealsplus site. First, you can make money by contributing content to the web site, by submitting deals and coupons and by answering and asking questions. Second, you can get paid for bringing in traffic to this site by linking to the site from your blog, Facebook page and Twitter page, or by adding a Dealsplus widget onto your blog or website.

Nowadays, user-driven deal or coupon sites are commonly seen. For instance, Slickdeals.net and retailmenot.com have been mentioned before. But not all of them pay their members for their participation and contribution. But that is not the case for Dealsplus where you may have the chance to get paid for posting deals or coupons online.

If you want to shop for bargains online or want to get paid for your bargain hunting skills, you may be pleased to find this online social community for bargain hunters: http://www.dealspl.us.

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