Logitech Cordless Mouse Sale $10 – Logitech V220 CL

Do you need new mouse for your laptop? Check out this wireless mouse deal.

This week Logitech Cordless Mouse (model: V220) is on sale at Target stores. This is a Target in-store back-to-school sale event where you can get Logitech V220 CL wireless mouse at $10. This mouse deal is not available at www.target.com, their store on the web. The sale price is valid from 08/08/2010 to 08/14/2010, while supplies last. This might be a regional sale event. To check whether it is available in the Target store near you, you should take a look the WeeklyAds at target.com.

According to the Target Ads in my area, the Logitech V220 (CL) cordless logitech V220 CL cordless mousemouse is available in 4 colors: red, purple, blue and black. Frankly speaking, I am confused by the advertisement. I don’t know what the difference is between V220 and V220 CL, the two models available in this sale. Do they have the same functions and features? Are they only different in color? No idea. Need to check them out in the local Target store.

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