Free Epocrates Essentials – Medical Students Exclusive Offer

Check out this free Epocrates Essentials offer at is giving away Epocrates Essentials to registered Medical students in accredited US medical schools for free. This freebie offer is valid through Aug. 31, 2010. Other restrictions apply, and see the website for details.

What is Epocrates Essentials?

It is a mobile application which is compatible with multiple platforms such as iPad touch, Palm OS, iPhone and so on. You can find many tools for your diagnosis, drug and disease needs. If you are interested in getting this free mobile application, continue to read…

How to download Epocrates Essentials for FREE

1. Visit
2. Register an Epocrates account if you don’t have one.
3. Choose the US medical school you are studying in from the drop down list.
4. Click on the button “ GET IT Now”.free epocrates essentials mobile application
5. You also need to follow the installation instructions and choose the platform your preferred.

To learn additional information on how to get this free application for US medical students, please visit the offer site for details.

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