Cheap Laptop Car Adapter: Advanced Wireless DW-MIN-AA-150-CL with Airplane Adapter – Review – Save 88%

If you want to get a cheap laptop car adapter, look into this universal convertible adapter deal. Advanced Wireless DW-MIN-AA-150-CL (model number), an Advanced Wireless 150w Auto Adapter with Airplane Adapter is on sale at This adapter is originally priced at $129.99 but now you can get it at $14.99. You save 8%. Shipping is FREE. This adapter offer is good while supplies last.
Advanced Wireless 150w Auto Adapter w/ Airplane Adapter

Advanced Wireless 150w Auto Adapter w/ Airplane Adapter– DW-MIN-AA-150-CL $14.99 Free Shipping

Advanced Wireless 150w Auto Adapter w/ Airplane Adapter Review:
This car adapter (UPC: 00852374002193) is a compact ultra slim 150 VAC 150 Watt DC/AC universal power inverter which can be used in the car or on the airplane. If you use it in the car, you can plug it directly into your car cigarette lighter so that you can use it to provide power supply to your portable electronic devices such as laptops and DVD players. As an airplane adapter, you can plug it directly into the EmPower in-seat power receptacle which is available on many airlines such as Continental, United, American and Delta.

It comes with a USB charging port which can be used to charge your portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and so on through a USB charging cable.

This adapter has fuse protection which can keep you devices safe during a sudden voltage surge.

It is a universal adapter which is compatible with both US and Europe (VDE) electronic devices with different plugs and voltage (100-240V, 50/60Hz).

The Input configuration for this product  is 11-15 VDC. The output configuration forthis product is 120W, 150W Max, 120VAC, 60Hz. As a bonus, 1 fuse removal tool and 1 extra 15V fuse are included in the package.

If you are shopping for a cheap car or airplane adapter, you may like this Advanced Wireless universal convertible adapter (DW-MIN-AA-150-CL) (You can use it on your car or on airplane).

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